Hate Me

by nilzero

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Hate me and my efforts to be successful. Hate me and my persistence to promote Story Time which you can purchase at www.lulu.com/spotlight/zerodreamidea. Hate me and fund my dream regardless. Hate me.


released 26 November 2013




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Track Name: Wave Crash
Partial lyrics:I can see you're really upset about this/ (mumbling)/ fuck this shit/ Kill your paradise/ Yeah, yo.../ Stand the fuck up/ What the hell is going on with this god damned music, it's making me crazy/ I'm so fucking ill...I'm so sure to be killed/ FUCK!/ We are unaware of any...
Track Name: Nemesis
Partial lyrics: Do you know what nemesis means?.../ What the--/ Power up the bass cannon-- fire!/ It's a cave. No, much more better. It is a drawing of a cave./ (Sample)/ Do you know what nemesis means?...
Track Name: Indifference
Partial lyrics: I hate you. Okay, well whatever./ By holding a face.../ Buy it, use it, break it, fix it.../ It's another one/ See you in your nightmares/....attack your hopes and dreams/...glad to be here/ you know.../
Track Name: Hate Me
Hate me and my promotions of Story Time which is at www.lulu.com/spotlight/zerodreamidea but I will find a way to entertain you regardless. Partial lyrics and samples:

This one goes out to all those hardcore druggies because you know what, I am one./ Fucking stupid(eeh)/ Jesus said fuck your neighbor/ This is a fail/ You have nothing to contribute to this so stay the fuck out!/ Jesus said fuck your-motherfucker/ I hate.../ (scream)/ push it, your answer/ I hate my life/ (mumble)/ Jesus Christ! Not Quite.
Track Name: For my wife
For my wife who encouraged me to self publish Story Time (www.lulu.com/spotlight/zerodreamidea).
Lyrics and samples:
If you love me/ You know how to love me.../ I need love/...I got love.../ You're my sacrifice.../ I love being with you.../ I give you love, you bring me joy/ Love, yeah-yeah, you've got to show me love.../ Love.
Track Name: Test One (Failed):nilzero remix
Lyrics and samples:
Meet you in the forest, fool./ (Mumble)/. ..You killed my cat.../ Don't get your hopes up.../ I honestly thought I was going to get raped or something/ My rooms.../ Systems crashing/...Beta blockers.../ (Backwards sample)/...human contact....
Track Name: Free from you?
Free from you and your doubt in my creativity. Story Time is available at www.lulu.com/spotlight/zerodreamidea and may entertain some of you. Free from you and your words of negativity. Free from you bullies and anonymous haters.
Lyrics and samples:
Freedom is your right, if you make a request, we will honor it./ (Computer voice)/ (Foreign voice)/ The drum beats go like this/...here comes the pain.../ There's no escape/ You can not escape!